The Rev. Paul Kruger

St. Thomas Lutheran Church

The choir was singing a the Sunday morning liturgy. Everything was going along just fine until they got to the last verse of the song. For some reason they “lost their bearing.” The choir director stopped the choir, turned to the congregation and said, “Sorry, something went wrong, would you please permit us to start over again?”

At that point the pastor said, “By all means, my friends. If there is one place where we can start over again, it is in the Church. That’s the message of the Gospel of Christ. If you stumble and fall, if you have messed things up, you can start over again! I can’t count the times I have had to do just that.”

We have a lasting invitation from our Lord to come, to start over again. Remember Simon Peter the denier? Or Thomas the doubter? Or David with his gross sins against God and God’s people? They all started over again—believing God’s forgiveness and grace.

The church is not an institution for saints, but a hospital for sinners! We tend to forget that. None of us is perfect, but remember, there is no limitation on the number of times we can start over. ​

Later this month, St. Thomas Lutheran Church will once again start over. We look forward to a new pastor and a renewed hope for the future of our beloved congregation. I have been around here long enough (9 months), to realize that our best days are still ahead. In every way possible.