I recently saw on the evening news that there are companies giving incentives to their employees to take vacations. A majority do not use anywhere close to the amount of vacation and time off they accrue. Some employers are even offering additional cash if their employees travel to a country they have not visited before. 

The idea is nothing new. People need time off. People need to be renewed and re-created. God established the pattern. God created for 6 days according to the Genesis story, and then rested on day 7. As people who are created in God’s image, we are designed to push pause. As author Stephen Covey says, we need time to “sharpen our saw” so we can work more joyfully and effectively in the long run. We do well to find time each day, each week, each summer to be refreshed. 

The Rev. Ken Albright

St. Thomas Lutheran Church

​​A blessed summer to you,


​Dear Disciples at St. Thomas:

​​I look forward to seeing you regularly in worship (the ultimate renewing event!) and to hearing your vacation stories and the stories of how you are re-creating and being restored on a consistent basis. Whether it is slipping out to do some gardening each day or strumming your guitar, fishing on the canal, reading on the shore of Matheson Hammock, or photographing the birds of South Florida, I hope you find in taking time out and time away that you breathe easier, stand taller, and are more profoundly grateful for the gifts all around you.

Pastor Ken