​Yours in Christ,

If our denomination has a motto it is this: “God’s work. Our Hands.”

It says a lot about what we believe. The work of renewing creation is God’s work. God created the world. God has redeemed the world in Christ. And God will return to tidy up all the details. We live in that time in between Christ’s redeeming act on the cross and God’s return. It is a time where we are called as followers of Christ to live as a visible expression of God’s kingdom come. 

In the third petition of the Lord’s prayer in the Small Catechism, Martin Luther says, “In fact, God’s good and gracious will comes about without our prayer, but we ask in this prayer that it may also come about in and among us.”



Pastor Ken

St. Thomas Lutheran Church

The take-away for me is this: God doesn’t need our help to bring about the kingdom. God’s work is being accomplished without our help. But—as God’s people, we are grateful for the opportunity to get in on the action and pray that God’s work will also be done with “our hands.”

For the last few years, our ELCA denomination has made the second Sunday in September a celebration of “God’s Work. Our Hands.”

Congregations across the country disperse on Sunday or anytime that week and become a visible expression of the reality of the good God is accomplishing in and through God’s people in the world.

Our expression of that on Sunday, September 8, will be to go and share God’s love with the residents of the Jackson Memorial Perdue Medical Center just down the road from us in Cutler Bay. 

At 2:00 PM we will gather to lead them in BINGO. Due to the nature of their health challenges, many of the folks participating will need help and encouragement. We will have prizes to distribute to the winners, and all who play. We will also need hands to write letters to family members, writing down what they want to express to their families, and preparing it for postal delivery. This will be a great way to help connect the patients to family members. 
Let’s have all hands on deck on the afternoon of Sunday, September 8, as we share a tangible and broad expression of what it looks like to be the church, where God’s work is accomplished with our hands.

The Rev. Ken Albright

​Dear Disciples at St. Thomas: