Lent is often called “The springtime of our souls” making green, used throughout this month’s newsletter, appropriate in one sense. Liturgically speaking, purple is the appointed color as it symbolizes the repentant nature of season. Combined, we might think of it in these terms: as we intensify our struggle again sin with prayer, fasting and acts of charity, the 40 days of Lent are designed to help us return to the Lord where renewal and new life await us.

Though we may not ever fully understand the mystery of God, we are called to dedicate our lives to worship and service to Christ whose death and resurrection is at the core of our being as Christians. Our life is shaped and sustained by God’s ministry of Word and Sacrament offered each time we gather on Sunday. It is fed and nurtured through daily prayer, weekly studies, and ongoing fellowship as sisters and brothers in Christ. It is shared through random acts of kindness as well as intentional outreach efforts. It is proclaimed in words, song, and faith active in love.

We know this is our calling, yet we often betray The One who is at the heart of our existence. How? When? The answer is not always as clear-cut or obvious as one might think. Hopefully, this year’s Lenten Mid-week Series will shed some light on the matter. Together we will listen to a variety of dramas based on biblical characters who … directly or indirectly … knowingly or unknowingly … betrayed Jesus. Their stories challenge us to consider our own.  Though asked of Judas, “Will You Betray Me?” it is a question with which we must all grapple, especially if true repentance is to give way to spiritual growth. And isn’t that what we all yearn for?

Blessed Lent!

+ Pastor Wynemah


Wednesdays, March 1, 8, 15, 22, and 29

6:00 p.m.       Simple Soup Supper

6:30 p.m.        Study “Lenten Reflections: Monologues of Faith”
                       (based on a five-part drama series entitled “Will You Betray Me?”)

7:00 p.m.       Taizé Service

We hope you will join us for a tasty meal, dramas of betrayal, and contemplative worship.


The Rev.  Wynemah​ Hinlicky

St. Thomas Lutheran Church