​Then after an ominous countdown, “three, two, one…the finder would yell out “ready or not, here I come!”  I remember waiting with excitement at the verge of bursting.  It was anticipation at its height…I wanted to be found.  I wanted the finder to come and find me!  Why?  Because then I could be the finder!

​Waiting together,

Pastor Ken Albright

​​We human beings are by default not very good at waiting.  We want things yesterday.  We want the testing results immediately.  We expect the repair to be made today. We want to sing the Christmas songs in worship now.  But Advent asks us to wait.  To hold on in fervent hope, and wait to be found by our Lord and to hear Him rejoice in our tenacity and say:  “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

Such is the anticipation of Advent.  We are waiting for our Lord to come…and find us in the midst of our waiting.  Christ may come at any moment.  Not just  in some cataclysmic way, but in all kinds of ways.  Christ comes to us in our grief over a loved one.  Christ comes to us in the smile of a child.  Christ comes to us each day, really, if we open our eyes to see it.  So it behooves us to wait with patience and expectation.  

​In these 4 Sundays of Advent, the sermons will focus on 4 key words to help us wait more effectively:

The Rev. Ken Albright

​What things are you waiting for in your life right now? How can we wait faithfully with one another as fellow believers? How can we encourage one another to resist the urge to jump into the chaos of consumerism and endless events that leave us exhausted and spiritually spent?  

​Let us wait together…with joy and excited anticipation.  Let us wait for our Lord to say:  “Ready or not, here I come!”  And what a gift it will be to be ready to receive him in both little and large encounters.  

I have vivid memories of playing “Hide and Seek” as a child.  Once we decided who was going to the “finder”, then the rest of dispersed like mice through the rest of the house to find our best place to hide.  The spot where we thought we could remain hidden from view, or at least hidden in plain sight.

St. Thomas Lutheran Church

  • Dec. 2                   Alert
  • ​Dec. 9                   Repent
  • ​Dec. 16                Ask
  • ​​Dec. 23                Rejoice