​Yours in Christ,

Thank you for taking the time and intentionality to celebrate and honor my 25 years of ordained ministry in worship and a fellowship meal. It was a fun time, even though the Jeopardy! game show seemed to be slanted in favor of my fellow contestants, Charlotte and Carol! And who knew that Mayor Karyn Cunningham and Alex Trebek would be joining us for the day? I especially want to thank you for the annual pass to the national parks. It is a gift my family will certainly enjoy.

My biggest take-away from 25 years as a pastor in the church is that God is always faithful. 2 Timothy 2 says: “if we are faithless, he remains faithful—for he cannot deny himself.”

God loves the church, despite the failings of its pastors and its laity, and the Holy Spirit continues to breathe fresh air into our efforts to praise God and work to benefit our neighbors in need. Pastors in the church are not above the body, but given a role, a place within it, for the building up everyone in the church to accomplish the purpose for which God intends, so that the whole face of the earth may be renewed. 

It was also a joy to welcome Pastor John Roth among us in worship, sharing his thoughts on the day. His 61 years in ministry (13 of which were with St. Thomas) yield a wisdom which continues to bear abundant fruit for the sake of the church’s mission.
Again, thank you, and may God continue to bless St. Thomas in reaching out to all in welcoming those who are wondering if there is a place for them, their questions, and their longings for community and authentic discipleship. 

The Rev. Ken Albright

​Dear Disciples at St. Thomas:

St. Thomas Lutheran Church



Pastor Ken