March 24-30 is Holy Week, which invites us to go deeper as we journey together with Christ. His suffering and death is ours’s to share. It is both our sorrow and joy. 
Then, as promised, His resurrection from the dead is our gate to eternal life. We celebrate Easter on March 31st, proclaiming the good news, “Christ is risen from the dead, trampling down death by death and upon those in the tomb, bestowing life!” 

A Blessed Lent, Meaningful Holy Week, and Happy Easter be yours.

+Pastor Wynemah 

This year, the Month of March incorporates the fullness of faith in Christ we trust to be true. 
We begin with the continuation of Lent, often called “the springtime of our souls.” As is the case with most experiences that are difficult and challenging, this blessed season offers time for spiritual growth and renewal. From our littlest to deepest laments, God is at work; making them holy moments as we experience the forgiveness, grace, mercy and love of Jesus, our Savior. 

St. Thomas Lutheran Church

The Rev.  Wynemah​ Hinlicky