It could be called “Lutherpalian”

The Lutheran Church and the Episcopal Church have discovered afresh our unity in the gospel and our community to the mission to which God calls the church of Jesus Christ in every generation. The two churches, after almost 500 years of separation, have been in full communion with each other since 1999. To celebrate and affirm this divine unity, on May 27th, Episcopal Priest Fr. Spencer Potter will preach and preside at St. Thomas Lutheran Church, and Lutheran Pastor Paul Kruger will preach and preside at St. Andrews Episcopal Church.

The Rev. Paul Kruger

Some people have been asking how we came up with the name of OUR News Letter publication. Well, it all started way back in the days of Jesus and his apostles. Namely, the Apostle Thomas, this congregations namesake. In the Gospel of John we read that Jesus showed up and surprised his friends three days after he died on a cross. His friends rejoiced when they saw him. All except Thomas, who was not present for this joyous event. Thomas didn’t believe his friends and wanted to see proof that Jesus was alive. Thomas doubted, therefore, the phrase “Doubting Thomas”. Now all these years later, the congregation of St. Thomas proclaims that we do not doubt that Jesus is alive and living among us.

NO DOUBTS!!! read on… 

NO DOUBTS.........

St. Thomas Lutheran Church