​As an expression of the life-giving presence of Jesus, we are walking in our community on Monday, April 29th at 6pm. We will walk a 2-mile route from the church, to the Peoples Dock at Deering Estate and back, filling jugs with water along the way in solidarity with people who do it every day.

​Jesus uses thirst and the refreshment of life-giving water to communicate the truth of his presence and what he brings. Our Lenten dryness and experience of death is real. We thirst for a world where people treat one another with respect. We thirst for a community where people who have experienced trauma have the resources and care of their community to help them thrive again. It was on the cross that Jesus called out the words: “I thirst.” Yes, he may have meant he was thirsty for water. But it was a deeper thirst that he carried. A thirst for the world that rejected him to receive him and the wholeness he came to deliver. ​

​Resurrection is coming. Our thirst is quenched by the living Jesus, who was raised to die no more. Who was raised to produce in us a gushing fountain of life giving water to share with all who thirst for something more than this dry world offers.​​​

​In a recent Wednesday night Bible study we encountered Jesus sitting at a well, tired from his journey. It was Jacob’s well and he was alone, waiting on someone who had the tools to help him get a drink. At least, that was part of the story. 

​Then there was a Samaritan woman who had the tools to draw water, but she had a different kind of thirst. It was spiritual. It was a thirst for the living God, which she didn’t really fully understand until Jesus awakened her senses. 

One third of the world’s population doesn’t have access to clean drinking water. More people die from diseases caused by exposure to unclean water in this world than die by war—every 21 seconds. As Easter people, who are one in the Lord who calls himself “Living Water” let’s be a part quenching thirst for people who will be helped by the funds we raised to have sustainable water sources in their own communities. Come, walk with me. Invite your friends and neighbors to come along. Let’s be a visible reminder to people that the church cares about the world’s thirst, for both water and Living Water. 

The Rev. Ken Albright

​Dear Disciples at St. Thomas:

Together in mission,

Pastor Ken

St. Thomas Lutheran Church