Leisure is more than just not doing anything.  It is intentionally enjoying life without having to be functional or productive.  When we are experiencing leisure we often do not have anything to show for it except a happy heart or a spirit that relishes time spent alone or with others.  We can fish or dance or plant tomatoes or watch a sunset without worrying about how many fish we catch or whether the tomatoes will ripen in time.  We simply enjoy the process itself.”

I I hope you, like I, will be able to enjoy some leisure time this July.  If so, perhaps we can let ourselves be a bit freer as we simply focus our time and energies on the wonder and awe of life.  In Rupp’s words, “Let yourself enjoy the playground of God and let God dance and take delight in you and in your world.”


Sharing in Christ’s ministry,

+Pastor Wynemah 

St. Thomas Lutheran Church

The Rev.  Wynemah​ Hinlicky

In her book entitled “may I have this dance,” Joyce Rupp writes: 
“I once read a translation of Psalm 46 that had the line ‘Have leisure and know that I am God’ rather than the familiar ‘Be still and know that I am God.’  In our true leisure times we can learn to be more receptive, more open, more peaceful, and more ready to recognize the many gifts in our life.