St. Thomas Lutheran Church

The Reverend Paul Kruger

​Pastor Paul Kruger is currently serving as our Interim Pastor.  He is available on Sundays, Wednesday Mornings, and Friday Mornings.  If you need any assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our Office between 9:00-2:30 M-F.

Our History

St. Thomas was incorporated in 1968.  As a mission church, St. Thomas was commissioned by the Florida Synod to ascertain whether or not the area of our present parish boundaries would support the presence of another ELCA congregation.  Following many hundreds of family and neighborhood contacts, St. Thomas was given the blessings of the FL Synod, and a charter was granted.  The name, St. Thomas Lutheran Church,was decided upon because in the minds of the Synod body there was “doubt” that a new Lutheran Church would succeed.

​​In the past 30 plus years since her founding, St. Thomas has been served by five Pastors; her current shepherd, the Rev. Paul Kruger became our interim spiritual leader in December 2017. St Thomas membership peaked in 1992. Then Hurricane Andrew caused measurable demographic changes in South Florida, and St. Thomas was not spared.  The closing of Homestead AFB, and subsequent relocation of many of her members, saw a resulting downsizing of St. Thomas’ flock. We have made a measurable recovery, and are serving our Lord and community with a confident and positive attitude.  Come worship with us and enjoy the spiritual growth our congregation offers.

Our Leadership