St. Thomas Lutheran Church

Palm Sunday

Bread Fellowship, Sunday March 25th immediately after the Service - Please bring bread to share with everyone.

We thank you for being “Eco-Friendly” and using ceramic mugs, but please be mindful to wash your own cup after use. 

Join us on Saturday Evening, March 10th at 6:30 p.m. for Hot Dogs, Chips, and a Soft Drink for a $5.00 Donation towards fellowship, and then at 7:30 Join us in Watching "The Shack" on the Big Screen!  Movie is Free to all!

Come join our Sewing craft group initiated by Margaret Scofield. Meet in the Fellowship Hall on Thursday’s at 10:00am. Please contact Margaret before attending at 305.562.2779 and also if you would like more information. 

Come  join our Family  for Coffee and

Fellowship every Sunday after the

service in the Fellowship Hall

Sew It All

Keeping Checking Back for more Events!