St. Thomas Lutheran Church

Jesus made it clear that the law and the prophets were summed up in the practice of love toward God and neighbor. Where do we gain insight as to how to live in proper relationship to God and neighbor? The Ten Commandments are foundational. Martin Luther taught about The Ten Commandments in his Large Catechism, saying “we should prize and value them above all other teachings as the greatest treasure God has given us.” 
Pastor Ken will be leading a Bible Study on “The Ten Commandments” on Thursday mornings at 10:00 AM starting June 13. Understanding that people travel during the summer and take vacations, the series is easy to jump off and on again. If you miss a session or two, you can jump right back into the commandment covered when you return. 

The session dates and topics are listed below:
June 13                    Introduction/No Other Gods
June 20                    Name in Vain
June 27                    Remember the Sabbath
July 11                     Honor Your Parents
July 18                     No Murder
July 25                     No Adultery
August 1                  No Stealing
August 8                  No False Witness
August 15                No Coveting Houses
August 22                Conclusion/No Coveting Anything