​In celebration of this 500th anniversary of the Reformation, we are studying Martin Luther’s Small Catechism during our adult Sunday School time of 9 a.m. on Sundays.  It is for adults who have never encountered the Small Catechism and for adults who studied and possibly memorized it as adolescents or teens.

 This is your opportunity to grow in your understanding and by it be changed in how you experience the Apostle’s Creed, Baptism, Holy Communion, the Lord’s Prayer, Confession and the Ten Commandments.  Together we can learn what Luther experienced: what it is like to move daily from sin to faith, from fear to love of God, and from life under the “law” to true freedom in Christ.

 There a number of other opportunities for you with others at St. Thomas and in our larger faith community: fellowship events, the annual Blessing of the Animals, worship, music, and we are open to your ideas for other ways we can live out our faith and life in Christ!

 It is my hope that you will take the time to explore the opportunities God presents all around you and be open to God re-formation.


David E Potter, Interim Pastor


The Rev. David E. Potter


For us as Lutheran Christians, October 31st is not only All Saints’ Eve or All Hallow’s Eve (aka Halloween), it is also Reformation Day.  Five hundred years ago this year, a determined monk in the small German town of Wittenberg nailed 95 theses in Latin on the Castle Church door for intellectual and theological debate.  Someone got ahold of it, translated it into German, and with the invention of the printing press, something changed the Church as it was known.  It also made known the truth of the Gospel that we are saved by grace through faith.

St. Thomas Lutheran Church