St. Thomas Lutheran Church

Good Samaritan Award - Tom Doherty

Confirmation of Dexter Franklyn & Koa Johnston with Pastor David Potter.

New Members Joining our Family

Good Samaritan Award- Pat & Phil Kuhlman

Installation of our Call Committee - Lars, Annemarie, Tom, Beverly, Angel, Debbie & Pastor Chamberlain

2018 St. Thomas Representation at the Good Samaritan Dinner

Visiting with our Families

In Loving Memory of Warren Nylan

2016 St. Thomas Representation at the Good Samaritan Dinner

Wes - Rocking his Easter Bonnet.

Baptism of Roger Cid, Jr.

Pastor Potter giving the Kid's Sermon on Father's Day with the Engler's Grandbabies

Reception of New Members

Pentecost and Confirmation - Dexter  & Koa.  

Lutheran World Relief Outreach Project Packed and ready to go!

Huddle and Cheer at the end of our Church Service with our little one's.