Joint Reformation Service on
Sunday, October 29 at 4pm at
Cathedral of St. Mary

7525 NW 2nd Avenue

 Miami, FL 33150
Bishops of Florida

MANY THANKS to all our St. Thomas members that assisted in our preparations and post Hurricane efforts to resume our Church back to

The administrative / class room/ flat walk way roofs that were out for bid  has sustained more damage and as of this writing we now have received the 3rd final quote. The quotes range from 25–31K. One of the roofers that provided a quote has been asked to provide a quote for the fellowship hall as well, which saw some minor water intrusion and damage to the ceiling tiles, but we also lost more roof shingles. The flat roof on the North side of the
Church, where water was ponding and making it’s way in, has been replaced and comes with a 10-year warranty.

The perimeter fences all sustained wind damage from the storm. Some of the
neighbors have approached the Church office on intentions. I am unsure
currently of all the details as to whose fence and responsibility it may be to remove, repair or replace. I have tried to reach out to some FEMA legal
advisors and are waiting to hear back for some advice. It is also presumed that these fences may have been installed as part of the initial construction and development of the neighborhood.

God's work, Our hands

Tom Doherty  2017  


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SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 4th, 2017  9:00am—4:00pm

Start getting ready! Look around and see what you would like to donate to our rummage sale. But Please don’t bring your items to the church just yet—we need to make room first! 

St. Thomas Lutheran Church


The 2017 Florida-Bahamas Synod Assembly will take place October 12-14, 2017 at the Embassy Suites in Kissimmee.  For more information, click here.

​Hurricane Relief​

Gifts to Lutheran Disaster Response, designated for "Hurricane Response – United States" will be used entirely (100 percent) for this disaster until the response is complete. Together, we can help provide immediate and long-lasting support. Give today to support the needs in this response and others like it.