St. Thomas Lutheran Church

​Hello Church Family,

I hope you all are enjoying good health as we enter February. This is a special month for hearts and not just because we celebrate Saint Valentines’ Day on February 14th. It is also known as American Heart Month. This is the time of year to schedule a visit with your primary care doctor. While you are there discuss your risk factors for heart disease and ask to have your cholesterol checked. Some simple ways to care for your heart are eating more vegetables, taking a walk, and the simple act of taking a deep breath. Decreasing one’s stress level may seem impossible but with a little effort to breath , stretch, and pray it can be accomplished.

With Christ’s Love,

Yvette Salas RN,BSN, CRRN

  •  Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD)/Low Vision Awareness Month

  •  American Heart Month

  •  National Children’s Dental Health Month

  •  Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month

  •  African Heritage and Health Week (first week of  February)

  •  National “Wear Red” Day for women’s heart health (Feb. 1)

  • Give Kids a Smile Day (Feb. 1) 


  • World Cancer Day (Feb. 4)

  • National Donor Day (Feb. 14)

If anyone would like information o
r has any questions,
please call Yvette at #570.401.8117
or see her after church on Sunday in the Fellowship Hall.

From Our Parrish Nurse